Dallas… It’s All About the People

A Compilation from The Powell Group Connect Blog Interviews

As I interview our region’s business leaders for the Connect blog, I always ask what they love about Dallas. The answers are consistently insightful, providing readers the opportunity to understand our region through another’s perspective. Since 1976, I have had the good fortune to call Dallas “home.” In the 36 years of living and working in Dallas, what I have grown to love about Dallas is its heart. I’ve learned to not to be surprised by the generosity of corporations and individuals. The forefathers of this great city instilled a foundation for giving, and that makes me proud. I hope you will enjoy reading what others love about this city and will share with us what you love most about Dallas.

“We are totally overcome by the can-do spirit.” – Bill Wallace, Success North Dallas

“I was born and raised here, so it’s home. This town is forward-thinking and very pro-business.” – David Boyett, Vistage

“NorthPark Center. You can have a whole life at NorthPark — eat, take yoga, shop, people watch, wash your car, see your friends, see tourists. It’s the bomb and all of the art!” – Margie Reese, Big Thought

I love the convenience of Dallas: tons of great amenities and places to go in a relatively close proximity. Also, I think Dallas is becoming more of a melting pot of different types of people from around the United States and the world. This will make us better.” – Matt Lucas, Luke’s Locker

“The people who succeed here have the biggest hearts for helping others.” – Nikki Moore, Success North Dallas

“Dallas is open, energetic, bodacious, friendly and generous.” – Rowland K. Robinson, Baylor Health Care System, President

The people. The people are very generous here in North Texas and the Dallas community. It’s humbling to see their generosity. There are some high-profile people in Dallas who have the persona of being tough, but when it comes to kids they are extremely generous.” – Scotty Landry, Make-A-Wish North Texas

“There are tremendous recreational activities, entertainment activities, sports activities and every amenity you can think of within driving distance.” – Troy Powell, City Manager, The Colony

“The energy and the warmth! Dallas is a place with inertia — always moving forward. We dream big and then pursue our dreams. I also like that it is a city of many scenarios — you can change the neighborhood and change the mood. You can have beers at a dive bar with artists one night and a black tie champagne symphony event the next night and it all feels comfortable.” – Veletta Lill, Executive Director of Dallas Arts District

“The people. I am originally from Pennsylvania, but I chose to come to Texas, and I’m never leaving. I love the spirit of the people, the generosity, the ‘can do’ attitude and the ‘we will fix ourselves’ approach. There is nothing here we cannot fix. I do not think that DASN could have grown as quickly as it did had it been located anywhere else. The people are so generous here.” – Tanya McDonald, Dallas AfterSchool Network


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