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Consumer Marketing and Getting to the Message

An interview with John Fullingim, Founder, Applied Behavioral Sciences LLC

When I encounter “mission impossible,” I bring in John Fullingim, founder of Applied Behavioral Sciences, and together we surpass insurmountable odds. I’ve been working with John for over 20 years on projects in various areas including consumer...

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Building a Roadmap to Innovation – Part 1

An interview with George Young, founding partner of Kalypso

On a recent rainy, Friday afternoon, I attended an event on innovation at the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management. As I was driving north up Central Expressway with my windshield wipers sliding furiously across the windows as rain slapped down on...

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Don’t Let Urgency Drive Messaging. Be Strategic.

By Becky Powell-Schwartz Communication experts are all abuzz about content, integration and engagement. Yet these three aspects of brand communications have always been key to effective brand communication. These buzzwords are not new; however, they are as important as ever. Which begs the question, “Why is...

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Innovation Expert Shares Predictions for “What’s Next” – Part 2

An interview with George Young, founder of Kalypso.

Innovation is a hot topic, and George Young, founding partner of Kalypso, is an expert on the subject matter. George is a particularly intriguing professional who is able to move back and forth from being a creative innovator in the music world to being a creative innovator in...

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By Invitation Only

An interview with Gilt Co- Founder, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

I was first introduced to Gilt through their travel partner Jetsetter. A friend on the West Coast — who also is married to a pilot and always looking for great travel deals — sent me an invitation to become a new website called Of course, there...

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