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Three Ways to Create a Connected Culture

An interview with Michael Lee Stallard, president and co-founder of E Pluribus Partners and author of the book, Fired Up or Burned Out

As business leaders, we can spot a burned-out employee from a mile away. And it’s easy to pick out the employees who are fired up about their work, too. To be able to do our jobs — to...

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Three Tips for CEOs to Manage Their Stress and Protect Their Brands

An interview with Dr. Michele Nealon-Woods, National President, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

We all know CEOs and business leaders encounter stress daily. Yet, how you handle stress – and how you make decisions while under fire – can strongly impact your organization and your brand.

About a year ago,...

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Find Your Executive Communication Style

Every CEO knows that effective communication is vital to successful leadership. As CEO, your voice should define and protect your brand. Yet, communication is not always a skill that comes naturally. Over the years, I have encountered many CEOs who had a masterful command of their business, yet when it came to communicating their vision and...

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Three Small Resolutions for Big Brand Protection

2013 showed us that brand crises can and do arise – from Target’s recent security breach to Lance Armstrong’s devastating blow to LIVESTRONG. But, because both of these organizations have built strong brand equity, I believe they will survive. In fact, early evidence already shows the strength of Target’s brand, as the company’s stock...

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Consumer Marketing and Getting to the Message

An interview with John Fullingim, Founder, Applied Behavioral Sciences LLC

When I encounter “mission impossible,” I bring in John Fullingim, founder of Applied Behavioral Sciences, and together we surpass insurmountable odds. I’ve been working with John for over 20 years on projects in various areas including consumer...

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