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Three Small Resolutions for Big Brand Protection

2013 showed us that brand crises can and do arise – from Target’s recent security breach to Lance Armstrong’s devastating blow to LIVESTRONG. But, because both of these organizations have built strong brand equity, I believe they will survive. In fact, early evidence already shows the strength of Target’s brand, as the company’s stock...

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Companies Must Aggressively Protect Their Most Precious Commodity: Their Brand

In a Forbes article published on November 7th, Paul Lopez talks about "a company's reputation is a very serious commodity." Read more here. Read More

How Much is NPR’s Brand Worth? $400 Million!

NPR looked into the value of the NPR brand on the November 1, Morning Edition. Reporter Dan Bobkoff defines brand value as, “Not the stuff a company sells, or the buildings and factories it owns. Just, basically, the name of the company — and all of the customer loyalty attached to that name.” Read more here.

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