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Retail Trends 2020: What Retailers Need to Know to Grow in the Future

An interview with Al Meyers of PwC, director in PwC’s Retail and Consumer practice in Dallas, Texas

I met Al Meyers in the early1980s when I worked at Sanger Harris, a division of Federated Department Stores. Al was with Management Horizons in Columbus, Ohio. Meyers is now a...

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Dallas… It’s All About the People

A Compilation from The Powell Group Connect Blog Interviews

As I interview our region’s business leaders for the Connect blog, I always ask what they love about Dallas. The answers are consistently insightful, providing readers the opportunity to understand our region through another’s perspective. Since...

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Reading: Recommended by Dallas Leaders

As I interview our region’s business leaders for the blog, I always ask what they’re reading. It’s fascinating to see where people are getting their inspiration, and I’m an avid reader myself. Okay, maybe not as much as I used to be … I remember the days of winning summer reading contests in grade school, and I’m definitely not...

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Tips for Business Leaders in Uncertain Times

An Interview with Executive Coach David Boyett

You’ve heard the old saying, “It’s lonely at the top.” My friend David Boyett makes it his job to take the lonely out of leadership. As CEO of Boyett Management Services, he focuses on the needs of chief executives at both Dallas-area...

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Luke’s Locker: How One Retailer Became an Institution

An Interview with Matt Lucas, President & CEO of Luke’s Locker

The athletic community is no stranger to great brands. From Nike to Lance Armstrong, sports are teeming with iconic brands that inspire people to get up, get fit and spend money on their well-being. These national brands do it well, but here in Texas we have our own...

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